Double Crochet Secret Pals

Friday, February 24, 2006

Link to Group Photo Album

Here is the link to the group's photo album. Once you register, you will be able to upload photos, post comments, etc. If there are any technical difficulties experienced, please contact me and I'll do the usual damage control.

Welcome to the DC SP Swap Blog!

This blog has been set up to allow you to post thank-you's and what-not's regarding your secret pal experience. The what-not can be anything that pertains to secret palling—your joys and your frustrations—so that collectively we can work to make the experience better for all, perhaps even for the newbies participating in the SC SP Swap. We trust that you will keep to topic so that moderation will not be required. You are welcome to give links to your site as well as other points of interest, and you are encouraged to do so. Currently I am entertaining setting up a group photo album that would be hosted on my website. You'd be able to upload your pics of stuff. All you'd need to do is register and then you can have full access. Once I get it up and running then I will post the link and then the picture sharing can begin! Woo-hoo!