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Thursday, March 02, 2006

How We Measure Up

I love seeing statistical results about meaningless bits of trivia, don't you? OK, if you don't then stop reading. But if you do, continue to have your brain filled with fun, odd ball facts about how you responded on your secret pal questionnaires! In most cases I'll only post the top three percentages. Your Age Group 39.3% 25-35 32.1% 35-45 17.9% 45-55 Do you knit? 60.7% Yes 39.3% No Do you spin? 75% No 25% Yes Do you thread crochet? 53.6% Yes 42.9% No Level of crocheting experience 39.3% Intermediate-advanced 25% Advanced 21.4% Intermediate Your other hobbies 39.3% Sewing 35.7% Other, Beadwork 32.1% Movie going/watching, fiber arts, culinary arts Pattern books you want 71.4% Wearables (sweaters, scarves, hats) 60.7% Afghans 50% Socks Type of hook preferred 50% Bamboo, TOTC, Susan Bates 46.4% Boye 35.7% Clover Soft Touch Yarn you prefer 85.7% Worsted weight 82.1% Natural fibers 64.3% Blended fibers 60.7% Sock yarn Yarn you DON'T want 57.1% Fun fur 53.6% Novelty yarns 25% Chunky Type of thread preferred 50% Size 10 21.4% DMC Cebelia 14.3% DMC Traditions 10.7% Aunt Lydia's, Opera What supplies do you want? 57.1% Pattern books 42.9% Row counter, stitch markers, yarn cutter pendant 28.6% Tote or carry bag Handmade items you'd most like to receive 75% Socks 53.6% Other 50% Shawl Candy you like 50% Chocolates 46.4% Chocolate with nuts 35.7% Chocolate with caramel Type of coffee you prefer 35.7% Flavored 28.6% Dark roast 25% Medium roast, ground Type of tea your prefer 60.7% Black tea 57.1% Flavored tea 53.6% Bagged tea What valuable information can be gleaned from all of this? Chances are, if you send your Secret Pal fun fur you'll tick her off! But if you want to win her over, your safe sending her black tea, chocolates, socks, pattern books and natural fiber worsted weight yarn!


At 3/02/2006 01:48:00 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Or socks! Appears 3/4 of us all want socks.


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