Double Crochet Secret Pals

Friday, March 31, 2006

Thank you SP-

I received my first DCSP package today and inside was a crocheted clutch and tissue holder (in a purple (fav color) SS yarn (I think, it feels nice and silky, why I love using SS. Elena received the cutest, really cute, Amigurami bunny.

Thank you for your card and sweet words! Deneen

Thank You, Secret Pal!!!

I received a wonderful package from my Secret Pal yesterday. Here's a pic of everything she sent me: Thank you so much, and I can't wait to use everything!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Big Thank You!!

Thank you to my Pal who sent me a boxie full of goodies! The kids latched onto the candy, but the yarn and craft stuff is all mine, mine, mine!! :) There's a picture of the goodies posted on my blog. Here's a link: Thank you!! You're an awesome pal! :) Juli

Friday, March 24, 2006

How is it going?

Just your "hostess" checking in to see how this round of secret pals is going. If you have not heard from your secret pal or are experiencing any types of problems or have concerns, please contact me or Lori. You might not receive a package until the end of the swap as some people don't want to give themselves up too soon. ;)

Monday, March 20, 2006


I just wanted to thank my SP for being such a great pal. It doesn't take that much to be a good pal, just to say hello every once in a while, let them know you are thinking of them. I had a bad experience with my first SP and vowed to never do it again. This has renewed my confidence in the SP program. I know there are still DUDS out there and some of it has to do with inexperience but hopefully people are learning. So, thank you SP, you make me smile. Oh, and I have a package coming! Scrreeeccchhh..Can't wait :)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Thanks to Secret Pal

I keep forgetting to come over here and post a thank-you to my Secret Pal for all the little notes and ecards she's been sending me. They are very much appreciated! And I've got a snail mail package that should be arriving relatively soon---yippee!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Which one is wrong??

Well, the answer to my three things is..... #2!!!! Yep, I've been married and divorced and I also type almost 100 WPM! I know what is most shocking is that I don't prefer natural fibers. I'm an acrylic girl cuz i prefer easy to use and also cheap so that if it gets ruined I don't feel sad. Plus, I make mostly afghans. So there you have it. Also, thank you thank you to my SP. I got a Clean Cotton Car Freshener and a stitch marker today. It completey made me happy! Happy St Patty's Day Everyone!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Good Morning everyone, Yesterday I received some goodies from my Secret to me Pal. Along with the emails and this package, she is really spoiling me. If you'd like to see a picture of the goodies she/he sent, take a look over at my blog. It's the March 14 post. Karen's Knitting and Crochet Parlor. Thank so much and I'm having so much fun!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I feel so bad.....

My SP has been sending me numerous e-cards, but due to helath problems I just opened them and read them. Thank you, I really not ignorant, just slow this week!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Secret Pal Mentoring?

One of the buzz words of the day now is "mentors" and "mentoring". Well, at least in my life it is a buzz word. The master's program I'm in is into mentoring. It's a way to pass on knowledge and help newbies to the program/organization/system, etc. A thought occurred to me over my mornnig cream Earl Grey. How could we as experienced Secret Pals help out the newbies learn the ropes, become awesome secret pals, and reduce flaking out? My answer is (in case you haven't guessed it): mentoring! I'm not sure how to arrange it just yet, but those who would like to be a SP Mentor could be matched with a Newbie SP and the Mentor would act as a resource for the Newbie. A mentoring partnership is what both of you make it, so it can be minimal or involved, it just all depends on what the needs are. Perhaps how it could be arranged is that a list of those who would like to be available for mentoring could be established and posted either on C'Ville or on the SP Single Crochet blog, along with e-mail info, and availability status given, such as taken or available, could be added to the person's name. Feedback, thoughts, ideas, comments, criticisms? My morning cup of tea is empty, so I will end here as I'll need to recharge. I sometimes wonder why I even brew the tea leaves anymore. I should just start sucking the leaves directly. Hmmmm...caffeine!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Three Things About Me..or not! :)

1. I've been married and divorced. 2. I prefer natural fibers over anything else. 3. I can type almost 100WPM. Hmmmmm :) Oh, and thank you to my SP. I got some yummy tea in the mail and a suggestion that I have a relaxing evening! I'm sure going to try :) Thank you SP, u are very sweet!!!!

My Three Things, and Then Some

1. I found the Anthrax in the Pentagon 2. I toured Europe with my college choir. 3. I have gone several weeks without a shower or toilet while backpacking in Canada and Alaska. So, which one is not true, I ask? As far as the previous post about changing parts of future swaps - here's my opinion... the $25 limit. Never abided by it, never will. I really enjoy spoiling my pals, and I have lots of ideas for them. I love spending money on people, so I have just pretended in the past that the limit doesn't exist. Now, I know for some people, the are unable to do that, and the whole limit idea was set in place so those people wouldn't feel bad. And I wouldn't want to see anyone not be able to participate because they can't spend more than that. So, I would think if you change it at all, maybe just give us a higher limit instead of setting it as a minimum. I don't agree with selecting our own secret pals. You may run into the problem of having 5 people pick one person, and 4 people not being picked. Now, I know no one would be left out, and no one would have 5 people sending them stuff, but if word ever got out it could cause some hurt feelings. I say stick with the randomness. That's just my $.02.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Three things about me...

1. I was married for 12 years 2. I have been divorced for 14 years and never remarried or cohabited 3. I prefer white wine to red Which of those do you think is an untruth?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Too Many Thoughts; Need Dumbledore's Pensive

I woke up this morning wondering about a few ideas regarding how the Secret Pal swaps have run in the past. I'd like your feedback on two thoughts that have been swirling around in my head. 1. The $25 spending limit I think this amount is totally understandable for the Single Crochet swaps, but for the experienced swapper, I think it should be increased, or at least be set as the minimum. Exceptions can be made for international swappers because I know how expensive air-mail can be! Yikes! 2. This may sound pathetically lazy coming from a co-coordinator...but what do you think about picking your own Secret Pal? Would you like to have some control in whom you spoil and surprise, or do you prefer to leave it up to the seemingly randomness of your assignment? Or option numero 3: Leave well enough alone! Let sleeping dogs lie! Don't upset the apple cart! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and so on.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My three things: 1. My husband and I are currently trying to conceive child #3. 2. I heat my ice cream in the microwave for about 10 seconds before I eat it. 3. I think about yarn at random at odd times of the day, like in class or driving or talking to my husband.

Three things about ... you guessed it, me!!

Which of the following is a lie? 1. I originally met my fiance in an online game -- where I killed his character. Deliberately. 2. When I was in college what we called 'double dating' was when we had 2 dates on the same night ... one for dinner, and one for drinks and dancing later on. 3. The woman who was my best friend in high school and roommate in college married my first husband 3 days after we were divorced.

Three Things About Me...

1. My favorite food is pickles. 2. I had surgery performed on my skull as an infant. 3. My thumbs are two totally different sizes. So, which one's not true? And, thanks Pal, for the cute ecard I got when I woke up this morning afternoon! :)

Thank you!

Thank you, secret pal for the e-card, today!

3 things about ME!

Don't we all deep down just plain enjoy talking about what makes us unique? I know I do. So which of the 3 are a lie? 1)I have fiber in my hands 12 hours out of 24. 2)I am a quarter Portuguese. 3)My favorite non-fiber related hobby is country/western dancing.

How We Measure Up

I love seeing statistical results about meaningless bits of trivia, don't you? OK, if you don't then stop reading. But if you do, continue to have your brain filled with fun, odd ball facts about how you responded on your secret pal questionnaires! In most cases I'll only post the top three percentages. Your Age Group 39.3% 25-35 32.1% 35-45 17.9% 45-55 Do you knit? 60.7% Yes 39.3% No Do you spin? 75% No 25% Yes Do you thread crochet? 53.6% Yes 42.9% No Level of crocheting experience 39.3% Intermediate-advanced 25% Advanced 21.4% Intermediate Your other hobbies 39.3% Sewing 35.7% Other, Beadwork 32.1% Movie going/watching, fiber arts, culinary arts Pattern books you want 71.4% Wearables (sweaters, scarves, hats) 60.7% Afghans 50% Socks Type of hook preferred 50% Bamboo, TOTC, Susan Bates 46.4% Boye 35.7% Clover Soft Touch Yarn you prefer 85.7% Worsted weight 82.1% Natural fibers 64.3% Blended fibers 60.7% Sock yarn Yarn you DON'T want 57.1% Fun fur 53.6% Novelty yarns 25% Chunky Type of thread preferred 50% Size 10 21.4% DMC Cebelia 14.3% DMC Traditions 10.7% Aunt Lydia's, Opera What supplies do you want? 57.1% Pattern books 42.9% Row counter, stitch markers, yarn cutter pendant 28.6% Tote or carry bag Handmade items you'd most like to receive 75% Socks 53.6% Other 50% Shawl Candy you like 50% Chocolates 46.4% Chocolate with nuts 35.7% Chocolate with caramel Type of coffee you prefer 35.7% Flavored 28.6% Dark roast 25% Medium roast, ground Type of tea your prefer 60.7% Black tea 57.1% Flavored tea 53.6% Bagged tea What valuable information can be gleaned from all of this? Chances are, if you send your Secret Pal fun fur you'll tick her off! But if you want to win her over, your safe sending her black tea, chocolates, socks, pattern books and natural fiber worsted weight yarn!

Three Things About Me (one is a lie, but which one?)

Three Things about Deneen 1) I once posted a picture of myself wearing a FO with my nipple accidently exposed. 2) I am a vegetarian 3) I am a yarn ho!

A Dame Edna Welcome

Hello 'Possums! I hope everyone is off to a lovely start! If by some chance you haven't received your assigned pal, please contact either Wendy or me immediately for a full refund and we'll get you taken care of after you pick a number and wait many hours for your turn. If you haven't, please consider signing up to use the group photo album I created so we can share goodies received as well as our "Cats, Kids, and Non-Cat Pets". Speaking of cats, it occurred to me why many crocheters and knitters have cats: we both like yarn/thread! While a cat will chase or eat yarn/thread, we play with it in other ways. I'm writing this before my morning cuppa, so indulge me a little with my un-caffienated thoughts and humorous musings... Though we pretty much are familiar with each other because we've been Secret Pals many times before, it may seem repetitive to post a brief intro about yourself, so instead let's bring a twist to it, shall we? How about post three things about yourself, but one of them is a lie! Then the rest of us will guess which one is false. Let's see if we can be stumped! OK, I'm off to get my tea now. Happy secret palling and crocheting! My Three Things 1. I've posted a naked picture of myself on the web. 2. My favorite vegetable is asparagus. 3. I sing to my cats.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I received a card from my SP today.............

Stalking the mail

My secret pal told me that I will be getting something in the mail soon. WOOT! Wow, she is quick. My mail never comes at the same time every day so I will be walking to the mail box about 10 times a day this week. Thanks secret pal for ensuring that I am getting my exercise! You do care. ;)


I got an e-card from my SP today. It totally made me smile. I wasnt' expecting anything yet so THANK YOU!!!!!! Sometimes smiles are the best gift!

Thanks, Secret Pal!

My Secret Pal is really on the ball! She sent me a wonderful e-card last night, and I was so happy to get it! Thanks a lot, whoever you are.